Posted by: ginki0 | March 29, 2012

Boys will be boys

The Mess

After we decided we were going to homeschool, we decided to build a desk for Bugs at his height so he could do arts and crafts any time he wanted. He has two towers of drawers which hold supplies like Playdoh, a chalk board, chalk, paper, markers, crayons, fingerpaints, sidewalk chalk, and the like. This way, when he wants to draw or color, he no longer has to ask us to get the supplies for him and possibly wait while we clean a spot on the table for him. Since he has free access to these tools, we hope to encourage his creativity, and so far, we are pleased with the results! He loves his desk (and so does Smiley), and he will often disappear to color or draw or play with Playdoh.

We’ve also been working on slowly increasing his independence. He gets a lot of freedom (we think), but a couple of months ago (before the desk) we realized that he found it nearly impossible to play without us being involved in some way, even if we were just watching. While we want him safe, we also do not want to be helicopter parents. He needs to learn to be independent and solve problems on his own. It is a balance between protecting him and not wanting to push him into growing up too fast, and coddling him so that he matures emotionally too late for the real world. So his “school room”, where his desk is, is almost completely child proof (you parents know how rare it is to find a child proof anything that can stand up to a determined child!) and we make a point to only check in on him while he is in there every so often. Most of the time this means we don’t see what he’s doing for a few minutes, but it also means that he gets to surprise us with pictures that he’s made. He gets so excited that, while we usually were aware that he was drawing, since we weren’t hovering, we didn’t see the picture until he presented it to us!

However, there is a down side to everything. I was in the office working last night, and I hear Daddy calling to me from the “school room”, telling me we have a big problem. I came out of the office wondering what could have happened. I didn’t hear anything, and no one was crying. And then I saw it. The boys had pulled out the fingerpaints and were having a grand old time painting the floor (and themselves)! Smart parents that we are, we got washable finger paints, so it was a matter of 1. Take pictures, 2. Pick up one boy apiece and try in vain not to get paint on our clothes while we 3. Take them upstairs and to the bath, then 4. Daddy cleaned up the floor while Mama cleaned up the boys, and finally 5. Do the laundry, which needed to be done anyway.

The boys were clearly having a blast, and their creativity was flowing freely. Plus, they were playing great with each other- no squabbles or anything! However, if that had not been washable paint, their little stunt could have been costly!

What sort of crazy things have you discovered your kids doing? Was it at least educational for them?


  1. My boys are grown, but this sure brings back memories! LOL šŸ™‚

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