Posted by: ginki0 | April 30, 2012

Best homemade bread EVER!


You heard it right- I just baked the best bread ever. Yup. It took five hours, but it was worth each one! Everything was just as I had wanted, from the tough yet flaky crust to the airy, pillow-soft interior. It was a lot like the Shepherd’s Bread we bought from the store one week, only better because I made it myself.

Here’s the recipe- I dare you to try it! From .

Now, my bread didn’t rise a whole lot. I could tell it rose, but my husband walking by couldn’t. And this was consistent with each of the four times you let it rise. It was an exercise in fai as i let it rise right out in the open on my counter. I kneaded it with the stretch and fold method, so basically I threw it down on the counter, stretched it till it was at least twice as thin, then folded it back on itself. The first kneading was messy, as the dough was very sticky. The subsequent times were much cleaner, as the dough held together better and better. Also, I only cooked it for a total of 35 minutes, rather than a total of 45 minutes.

I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow- bread and jam! And it is going to go great with the cawl we will have sometime this week!


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