Posted by: ginki0 | May 24, 2012


You know it’s high time for a haircut when your three year old complains to you that his hair is too long. But I had been putting it off, partly because Smiley really needed his hair cut too. And why was this such a big deal? Because this would be Smiley’s very first haircut!

Well I bit the bullet today. Ever since Bug’s very first haircut, which was a Cost Cutters with a stylist who obviously didn’t get and also didn’t especially like children, I have cut his hair. And slowly I’m getting better, which means his hair is less choppy, and less obviously home-cut. He gets to wiggle, because I can just move with him except for when I do the ears, and we often do hair cuts outside, which means no clean up for me, and nest fodder for the birds. 

After I finished Bugs (which didn’t take more than ten minutes, I’d think), it was time for Smiley’s hair cut. I placed him in his high chair and gave him a granola bar, since he needed a snack anyway. Talk about super easy! For the first three snips, he looked at me and tried to look at the scissors, to see what was going on. I let him get a good look, and then kept going. After three snips, he just ignored his crazy Mama, and concentrated on stuffing granola bar into his mouth as fast as possible. I finished about the time he had finished his first half of his granola bar. Not too bad results, if I say so myself!

Smiley was happy to pose for a picture, granola crumbs and all, but Bugs is beginning to be camera shy, so I tricked him into this shot, which was better than a picture of his hand!



  1. Love the good ol hair cut tricks! Glad to hear it was a success 🙂 p.s. I nominated you 🙂

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