Posted by: ginki0 | May 24, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I wrote this on the previous Saturday, while dodging grabbing toddler and preschool hands. After two hours, i was nearly done with this post- and then for some reason the app crashed on my iPad. No problem, right? Apps on the iPad are supposed to automatically save. Well, the WordPress app did save….. the first paragraph, and only the first paragraph. Actually, not even the entirety of the first paragraph, now that I re-read it. So, in disgust, I closed it and walked away. Then today, I got a gentle reminder from Tethered Butterfly in a comment, motivating me to finally complete this post- again.

It was a couple days ago that I was reading through my emails. Some were for work, some were digests for mailing lists, and some were new blog posts from blogs I follow. One of my favorite bloggers posted that she had won the Versatile Blogging Award. I was impressed and happy for her, and remembered that another awesome blogger who we both follow had also won the award a couple weeks before. I was reading through her post and toward the end, she nominated other blogs for the award. (To get this award, you have to be nominated, and then have to write a post accepting it in accordance with the rules.)


As I was reading through, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this in the list of nominations. “Learnin’ on the River A lovely blog about learnin’ on the Mississippi!! Simple, direct, and fun..I love it!” Wait- that’s my blog! Well thanks so much to Tethered Butterfly for nominating me! I never in a million years thought I would be nominated. After all, my blog is new and my writing isn’t that good in the grand scheme of things. So to accept the award I need to say 7 things about myself and nominate 15 other blogs. Hopefully I won’t nominate anyone already nominated!

Let’s do 7 things about myself first:

1. I’m happiest when I have a bunch of pots on the fire, either real or figurative.

I’m just not a steady 9 to 5 job for 30 years sort of person. I thought I was, and I planned to be, but that’s not me, and I’m okay with it. I’m so much happier now, juggling being a homemaker, being a home educator, running my own business, volunteering, and writing. In fact, when I was in college one of my professors said to me, “You’re one of those people that has to have their hands in a bunch of different pots”. This was inspired by him finding out that I was a Biology: Biomedical major, a Speech-Language Pathology minor, and was doing the coursework for a Natural History Interpretation minor, even though I had the wrong major to declare said minor and therefore would not get credit for completing said minor. Still, looking back, he was absolutely correct.

2. I am super shy. I hate writing or telling others things about myself.

I never know what to say, and this was always my most hated icebreaker at social or corporate events. In fact, I wasn’t thinking I would get this award, and I was like, “yeah, I won’t have to write stuff about myself!” Ironic, huh? In junior high, I would go days without saying a word to anyone, and hole up in the library to hide from the cliquishness that so defines junior high.

3. I love books.

In Junior High (as I mentioned) and High School, my haven was the library. The librarians and I got to be well acquainted with each other, as I would be a constant (as much as possible) quiet presence. I read a TON of books as a kid and as a teenager. I still love reading, although I’ve shifted somewhat from fiction to nonfiction- usually research or readings on psychology and behavior. I plan on cultivating this love for books in my kids, because I’m betting it will serve them as well as it has me- which is pretty well!

4. I am a great procrastinator.

Here I am, supposed to be working on the book I am writing (which I finally gave myself a deadline of the end of the month to finish rough drafts of my last two chapters) and instead I am working on recreating this post. Yup, I am good.

5. I would love to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Bugs and I are doing a garden together this year, to try to cut down on grocery bills and also to teach him about plant biology and where food comes from. I daydream sometimes about having a little mini-farm with plenty of fruit bushes and trees (raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, apple, and pear), a large garden (with carrots, cabbage, plenty of broccoli for Bugs, peppers, onions, strawberries, and maybe some potatoes or beans or something), and maybe a cow (Brown Swiss, or possibly a Guernsey or Jersey- she’d have to be kid friendly) to provide milk for the family (and I could try to make cheese! and butter! and cream!), oh and perhaps one or two chickens (Americauna- they make blue eggs!) for eggs. Of course then I would also have to learn about composting and what to do with all that manure and deal with a whole host of other potential problems that I know I am not thinking of right off the bat. But in my head, at least, it sounds great!

6. I am an idealist.

I am definitely not a realist, because I never foresee half the potential problems for any of my plans. That’s why I lean on my husband, who is awesome. He’s more of a realist than me, with idealist dreams. Between him and researching my half-baked ideas, I can decide which to actually pursue with some degree of accuracy in expecting potential problems.

7. My heart is bigger than my head.

There’s a reason we have two dogs and two cats to go along with our two kids. There’s a reason we foster cats and kittens and puppies, and dogs. There’s a reason I do pet therapy with my lab and one of my cats. And why I work with aggressive and fearful dogs. I think about problems, like the number of kids in bad foster homes or living with parents and guardians who don’t care for them, and I just want to foster or adopt all of them. My brain kicks in and tells me that I’d never be able to meet all of their needs. And then I wonder if it’s unethical to have biological children when there are so many foster kids in need. And my wonderfully awesome husband tells me not to worry about it, that it’s not wrong to have biological children and that sometimes I can’t save them all. And really, this is only my most recent cause, but that’s a peek into my crazy head. If I could make the problems of the world go away, I would, even if it was to my detriment. But I have a strong, supportive husband who helps me keep from burning out and helps me take one step at a time to bring joy and love and good things where I can.

Okay- enough of that. How about my nominees? Well I would nominate Tethered Butterfly is she didn’t already nominate me, and Fish Out of Water if she didn’t already nominate Tethered Butterfly. But I can’t, so I will nominate these other fine folks instead:

1. Cube to Farm – I love reading about her life with her kids, who are about the ages of my kids. She has a similar story as mine, only more to the extremes!

2. Supratentorial – Another great homeschooling mom who also works part time as a pediatrician! Read her blog for lots of great ideas on books to read your kids!

4. Baker on the Rise – Mmm….. baking! If you want to be inspired to bake some amazing foods, follow along with her!

5. Edible Substance – Another foodie who inspires me. I totally want to make the bread in her cover photo someday. Even better is reading her stories of going to baking school and learning fantastic tips on technique!

6. Jar of Salt – A newly discovered blog to me, and oh my, pretty pictures! Amazing! Even better, the writing is fun and honest!

7. Tuckers Take a Ride – Not a wordpress blog, but that’s not specifically disallowed in the rules. Hope this is “legal”, but even if not, go take a look at the adventures of this great homeschool family. You won’t find a friendlier person than she!

8. Homeschooling & Selective Mutism – the story of this family’s journey just tugs at my heartstrings. I’m rooting for them to succeed, and think it’s wonderful that they are doing everything they can to protect their girls from being bullied. I’ve been following them for a while, but they haven’t posted recently.

9. Life in the Home Lane – Okay, there are lots of homeschooling and homemaking blogs on my list, but these are who I follow because they inspire me! Again, cool stories and great ideas for books!

10. The Man of the Minivan – I just found this blog, but the humor in the writing and the frank stories he tells just really appeal to me. Nominated!

11. Broken Strings and Pretty Things – Another new discovery, with a cool perspective on life and ponderings on its meanings. I love the style and the musings.

12. One Life This Life – Beautiful photography! Again, new discovery.

13. The Journey That Matters – More inspirational writing from another newly discovered blog (to me, anyway).

14. Mindful-Mod – More inspirational musings on life.

15. Playground Pictures – More breathtaking pictures!

So finally, a thank you again to Tethered Butterfly. Check out her blog if you haven’t already!

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