Posted by: ginki0 | April 6, 2013

Bragging Rights

I just have to write a quick note here to exclaim with all my excitement: Bugsy read his first book by himself this morning!

He’s been ‘reading’ for several months now, and in the past couple of weeks Smiley has been bringing books to Bugsy to read to him (instead of bringing them to me to read to him) occasionally. However, his ‘reading’ has been in reality following along with the pictures while he recites a well known story, sometimes word for word! This is an important step, but it wasn’t true reading.

Bugs has known the phonics for all his letters for months now and had a favorite game for a while of quizzing Daddy and me, either by asking us what sound a letter made or what letter made a certain sound. He would catch us if we gave the wrong answer too, giggling gleefully at our ‘mistake’. In the past couple weeks we’ve casually begun blending sounds, and changing out the first letter of a word to make different words. That apparently was all he needed to make the leap.

Last week I bought him the first set of Bob books off Amazon, as they were highly recommended to me by another homeschool mom. They are very simple stories, almost hardly to be called stories at all, except you can fill in the blanks that the text of the story doesn’t give you by looking at the story. For instance, when Mat sits on Sam, we talked about how Sam looked sad about that, giving the story a little more depth.

Anyway, only his second time reading the story (too early I think for him to have memorized it) and Bugsy was able to read it entirely by himself! He was following along closely with the words and certainly seemed to be paying attention to what letter changed where and how that would change the word to something else: like Mat to sat and sat to Sam. He was so excited after finishing that he immediately wanted to read the next book in the series (each book makes it slightly harder)! He only got halfway through before he started being silly and then decided he was done reading, but that is just fine.

Alright- time to help Sheldon sort through what shape is what. 🙂


  1. Wow! Such an exciting milestone – there’s nothing like when it all ‘clicks’ and they read that first sentence or book all by themselves. Congratulations to both of you!

    • Thank you! I’m so excited, and yet I can hardly believe it. But the look of accomplishment on that little face and the eagerness with which he reaches for another book to try- it’s priceless!

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