Posted by: ginki0 | April 10, 2013


So a few weeks ago we had a roofer come out and confirm what our insurance agent said- that the roofer we hired 18 months ago did a shoddy job. One of the things that was wrong was that the metal (or whatever) around the old chimney had not been replaced even though it should have been. Our new roofer said he planned to fix that (and everything else that was wrong with the roof) once the weather warmed up. Well, it got warmer, but it also started to rain.

Yesterday and today have been full of rain. Early yesterday morning (we’re talking something like 5 in the morning) both Daddy and I are laying awake listening to the thunderstorm outside. I love nighttime thunderstorms, and I’m lucky they are not uncommon here in the Midwest. Unfortunately, one of our dogs gets nervous during storms, although he no longer goes into a state of sheer panic like he used to, and that puts a bit of a damper on my enjoyment of storms. Bugs is sometimes afraid too, but he slept right through this one. However, Smiley awoke in sheer terror, and it became clear that he was not going to easily go back to sleep. So Daddy and I decided he could sleep with us so that everyone could get some sleep and so Smiley would feel safe knowing his parents are there for him.

So Smiley is sleeping and Daddy and I are awake, and we hear this drip drip drip that’s out of sync with the rest of the rainfall. Daddy puts his hand out and immediately is wet. His side of the bed is right by the old chimney, and the water spot on the ceiling, where we knew water was coming in through the roof next to the chimney, was no longer solid. There was a good sized puddle next to his side of the bed, and it was growing all the time. So he quickly put down some towels and then went to get a bucket for the ceiling to drip in to (oh joy.)

Well, neither of us got much more sleep. It was just too weird having rain inside. And Smiley woke up and was very upset by this whole scenario. “Why rain inside?” “Rain, stop!” And other cute remarks flowed from his mouth. At least it lightened Daddy’s mood a bit. He called the roofer to let him know what was going on, and the roofer came by a couple hours later to tar that spot in the roof so that at least the rain would stay outside where it belongs. It’s a temporary fix, but it’s all he can do until the weather dries up a little (which according to the forecast is going to be another week or so).

Yesterday was mostly a daze for me, but I do remember that Bugsy can now read the first three books of that first set of Bob books he has. Hooray! He also played a rhyming game he has, and had little to no trouble with reading the words on the cards now (it used to be a guessing game for him based on the pictures, but now he’s actually reading the words and sounding them out!) I was very impressed. And Bugsy lately has been wanting to read a Bob book on his own for story time, instead of having Daddy or I read the boys a story. This is awesome, although I do really enjoy reading to him.

Then last night, another thunderstorm rolled in. Both boys woke up, and both were scared, although Bugsy was doing a great job of trying to be brave. However, how do you let the 2 year old sleep with you without having both boys in bed when the 4 year old also wants to sleep with you? Bugs was trying to be brave- it seemed cruel to ‘reward’ him for that by making him try to go to sleep all alone in his room while knowing full well that Smiley was in bed with us. So… Both boys ended up in bed with us. Ugh.

We have a queen sized bed, and with Daddy, Bugs, Smiley, baby-bump, and me, that makes for a full, full, bed. I think at one point one of the cats was also on the bed. Plus, if Bugs and Smiley were ever too close together, they would start pushing and yelling and fighting. We lasted for an hour or two before the lack of sleep and the every-two-minute jostling by Smiley really got to me. I slept at the foot of the bed then- and by ‘slept’ I mean ‘dozed’, because it really wasn’t very comfortable. Smiley immediately went to jostle and lay all over Daddy, and eventually Daddy got fed up with getting no sleep so he went downstairs and slept on the couch. Smiley was terrified. Bugs and I got him calmed down and the three of us went back to bed, but Smiley was so worked up he only slept for a couple minutes at a time, meaning I only slept for a couple minutes at a time. So at this point I am running on very little sleep and writing with a hazy sleep deprived mind. Daddy is getting by at work presumably with lots of coffee.

Tonight? More rain. Hopefully no thunder though. It would be nice to get some sleep. So far the tar seems to be holding, and we haven’t had any more leaking in the ceiling. It will be nice to have the roof properly fixed, however.

I know some people would not let their kids sleep with them in circumstances like this, and I can understand that. We don’t generally let the kids in our bed either- for a brief cuddle after a nightmare, or when they are sick and we want to make sure they are not too congested at nighttime, but not really any time else. It’s so much nicer to sleep without a wriggling little body next to you, demanding things and kicking and whatnot. Much better sleep and easier to deal with the same little wriggler during the daytime. But for us, it’s always come down to fear. We don’t want the boys to be afraid without us. We ventured down that road years ago trying to sleep train Bugs, and his screams just broke my heart. We decided that if the boys are afraid, they really need to know that we are there for them, no matter what. And as time has gone on, Bugs has gotten better at sleeping and will go back to sleep by himself most of the time (although he still takes forever to go to sleep initially. At least we don’t have to hang out in his room that entire time anymore.) Smiley is getting worse at sleeping, but I think that’s the age. He’s started night terrors and imagining things, but he’s not near as bad as Bugs was at this age. Besides, soon enough my boys will be too big to easily cuddle and won’t need as much of my comfort, so I may as well give it freely now, while they need it. That’s our philosophy anyway.

So much for a long rambling post. Tired brain!

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