Posted by: ginki0 | May 4, 2013

Third Trimester

Well, with the third trimester have come some changes. I seem to have more good days, although the nausea is back and I am still prone to fainting. In fact, last week I laid down on the floor quick to prevent actual fainting, and then wasn’t able to get back up! That was pretty humiliating. Yesterday I finished the last of my clients, so now my business is shut down temporarily. But starting Thursday night, there has been a new development.

I’ve been having Braxton Hicks for some time now, which is normal as you tend to feel them earlier with successive pregnancies. But Thursday night I started having contractions that lasted a really really long time. They were not close enough together to actually be labor (although I was a bit freaked out since Baby is only 29 weeks old) but they were strong and sometimes actually hurt. Friday I was able to do my last client and hang out with the kids, but I kept having these weird contractions throughout the day. I called the midwife Friday night and described them to her. At this point my belly would be hard for an hour at a time, and nothing I did would change it. I would try moving, I would try resting, I tried eating, or drinking… I even tried taking a bath. Nothing changed. But I could feel the baby move through them, so that was comforting at least. The midwife said she thought they probably were not Braxton Hicks, since they were going on so long, but that they may be being triggered by the baby kicking or moving around. Some more research lead me to “irritable uterus”, which fits exactly with what the midwife told me and what I’ve been experiencing.

So my belly is quite tired of being hard so much. Imagine doing sit-ups for an hour at a time, resting for ten or so minutes, and then repeating. I’d guess that’s similar. Sometimes I can barely walk through them, and sometimes it takes my breath away. But they aren’t changing or anything, so while I will definitely be keeping an eye on them, at least I am certain at this point that I am not going into labor yet. I’ve told Baby not for at least another month! It’s really difficult to focus on anything for any length of time because I am either super tired or super uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Smiley has been working hard on learning his colors, and Bugsy has been working hard on reading. Yesterday after struggling (triumphantly!) through book 5 of the Bob books, he went on Starfall and started doing math. Then he looked at me and told me, “Reading is hard for me. Math is easy.” I believe him, because he’s doing simple addition as well as things like 30 + 3 without trouble- as long as the two digit number is a multiple of ten and the second number is a single digit, he understands how to solve that problem. It truly blows me away. Still, even though “reading is hard”, he still loves reading, and enjoys picking up books and trying to read them to himself. Smiley’s vocabulary is exploding and his sentences are getting more and more sophisticated, also blowing me away. Yesterday, I made the boys hot chocolate, and Bug happened to be in the potty when I finished the drinks. So I gave Smiley his and cautioned him that it was hot, and then placed Bug’s next to Smiley’s at the table. When Buggy came out of the potty, Smiley pointed his drink out and told him (with no prompting) “Your drink there. It’s hot.”

So that’s life here at our house for now!

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