Posted by: ginki0 | August 10, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

This week could be considered our first week back at school, although we don’t do typical school calendars and school weeks. Striving for a little education every single day gives us some more flexibility, but less concrete “this is how much school we’ve done this year”. It works for us right now, especially since we want to teach the kids to learn regardless of whether or not today is a weekend or holiday. Right now, we don’t have to worry too much about the concrete aspect of school- that’s probably why our schooling currently has such a strong unschooling flavor to it.


So what did we do this week? We went to the library and checked out some books (we hadn’t made it to the library in quite some time), we went to a few parks to play, we’ve gone for lots of walks and practiced navigation skills and street safety, we had friends over to share toys with and play with, we read books (Bugs is really growing in confidence), we watched the Magic Schoolbus on Netflix, we went to the fire station with three other families (friends) and learned about firefighters, we played Go Fish (so Bugs worked on sportsmanship, following rules, and handling disappointment while Smiley worked on matching and identifying letters and numbers), we looked for words (for Bugs, working on reading) and colors (Smiley) everywhere we went, Bugs did math and matched the written form of numbers to the numeral form of numbers, I checked to see if Bug could “count on”, which is basically counting from any given random number (he did this with ease), and we played with our new giant inflatable globe to learn the names of the continents (Bugs) and practice naming colors (Smiley) and learn how most of our world is water and practice motor skills (both). Oh! We also visited great-grandma to keep her company for a little while.


Bugs also occupied himself with lots of physics games on his iPad this week, lots of building tracks and playing trains with Smiley, and lots of Lego building, making more and more complicated forms with more and more symmetry to them, all by himself! Smiley worked on learning to dress himself (he can now pull his own pants up!) and playing with Legos and cars. Smiley has also been “reading” books to himself, no doubt inspired by his brother’s hard work on reading!

Rocky is also learning a lot. We’ve had some issues with him learning how to latch on correctly, but he seems to be getting that figured out nicely. He’s also been going through a growth spurt, and is growing out of his newborn sized clothes! His 0 to 3 month clothes are also tight, so I’m expecting I’ll have to change his clothes to 3 to 6 month sized clothes by the time he turns a month old! Speaking of, at 3 weeks old, he is 9 pounds now, meaning he’s gained two pounds since birth! At his check up on Tuesday, the nurse didn’t think he’d grown in length, but I also know how much of an estimate length tends to be with squirming babies. He seems longer, regardless! He checked out perfectly healthy, with doctor and nurse surprised by his amount of weight gain, which makes me a proud mama. About Tuesday, too, he began a growth spurt, which hasn’t quite tapered off yet, so he’s averaging about two hours between meals, and two to three hours at night.

So we’re settling into a nice little rhythm, and life is going well right now for us. The boys are all bonding nicely, and while I am tired (getting up A LOT at night while Rocky is in this growth spurt of his), I feel fairly functional. Next week I want to hit the museum with the boys and go for a hike.

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