Posted by: ginki0 | October 5, 2014

We’re still here, still learning!

My goodness time flies! We’ve been crazy busy, swinging, climbing, running, catching toads and letting them go, and playing with friends. We raised all our tadpoles through metamorphosis and released them back into the wild where we caught them. We’ve been learning about the weather and tracking general trends and learning about the calendar by crossing days off as they go by. We now have a caterpillar that happened to cocoon itself the day after we caught it, so we are waiting for it to emerge. We tried to identify it by its morphology and we think we know what it is. If we’re right, it should emerge as a moth tomorrow!

Bugsy is beginning to spontaneously read words written in his environment- on signs, on benches, etc. He also is getting very good as reading books and likes to stay up late to look at books. He has learned to climb our climbing rope too, which is a big accomplishment for him. Smiley is learning simple addition like 3 + 1 and is counting reliably at least up to four now. He’s been very interested in phonics and so I’ve introduced him to A and E so far (phonics only, not letter names). He gets so excited when he sees letters in his environment that he knows! Rocky is running and loves to swing in his swing. Rocky loves to be read to and will bring over books to be read. We have to be careful though or he will also eat them! He loves to draw and play and wrestle with his brothers too!

Short and sweet today- so long for now! I leave you with a picture of the pumpkin patch we visited about a week ago (we also visited an apple orchard that day!)



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