Posted by: ginki0 | January 13, 2017

We’re back!

It’s been so long since last I posted, and so much has changed! We are still homeschooling, and still loving our Montessori-inspired approach. We’ve moved, so we have a dedicated study room now, but the kids can still be found studying various things all over the house- especially Bugs.

Bugs is eight now, and loves science, especially space. He loves learning about black holes and meteors and galaxies. He also loves lasers, building things, and working with tools (he has his own set of real tools like hammers and screwdrivers). I can usually find him either building something in his room with his Legos, playing Minecraft, or watching videos (usually educational) on his iPad.

Smiley is being renamed (for the purposes of this blog) Ninja, which much better suits him. He loves stories- he’s my little story guy. He also enjoys Legos and gymnastics, which he’s really been working hard at! He’s five and a half now- time goes by so fast! Ninja recently lost his first tooth! He was a little nervous, but Bugs gave him a pep talk. Nothing warms a mama’s heart more than siblings spontaneously being kind to one another!

Rocky is three now, and he loves to learn. He loves playing with his study materials, and is often found throughout the day working with them. He also enjoys hanging out with his brothers and annoying them. I’m struggling to give him as much attention as he needs, but that’s my own time management, and we’ll figure it out. Even without all the hands on help he wants from me, he has learned nearly all his numbers from 1 through 10 (recognition), and several of his letters (sounds and some letter names). Today, I played a game with him on recognizing letter sounds, and he did fantastic, quickly being able to bring me what I asked for, although not yet able to tell me unprompted what sound the letters made. He’ll get there. After all, he’s only three!

This week has been a whirlwind for me of watching various sessions from the Trillium Montessori Summit, which has been amazing! It’s been great to remind me of lessons I’ve already learned, show me how much I already know, and to teach me so much that was new. Two things I am practicing today: First, being fully present with my kids during learning times (hard with Rocky since he loves studying throughout the day, but I’m trying to ask him to wait while I finish something, and then give him my full attention. So far it’s been working!) and second, to stop doing so much for them. I am reminding myself that I already learned that second lesson.

Really, to do tasks for our children that they already are able to do is to rob them of valuable learning opportunities. It’s disrespectful to them. We do it out of the kindness and goodness of our hearts (or simply the efficiency…) but the detriments are still there, despite our intentions! By asking my children to sort through and put away their own clothes, not only do I set myself up for less chores on my shoulders in the future, but I teach them to care for themselves. Today, they surprised me with the kindness of their little souls, volunteering to sort out each other’s clothes as well. It teaches them how to tackle big, seemingly insurmountable tasks. It teaches them responsibility and follow through. It teaches them independence. Can I rob them of these lessons for “kindness, goodness, and efficiency?” No!

And yes, I know full well I will be re-learning this lesson later on! We are, after all, only human!


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