Posted by: ginki0 | March 3, 2017

What Does Homeschooling Look Like?

The short answer is, it depends! It depends on the day, on the family, on the circumstances. For us, oftentimes we are found in the study room working at some academic purpose for a little bit during the day, and the rest of the day we are scattered through the house pursuing our interests. That means Ninja is often playing Minecraft or Legos, Bugs is usually either in his room watching physics and astronomy videos or playing Minecraft with Ninja (Bugs recently decided on his own to make his Legos communal Legos- amazing personal growth!), and Rocky is usually drawing or playing pretend.

Today, Rocky was up last night coughing, which means I’m exhausted, and Bugs is also not feeling good- he’s throwing up today. So rather than formal study time, we are taking care of ourselves. That doesn’t mean the learning stops.

Here’s what homeschool looks like today for our family, right now.


That’s Ninja with his bear, cereal (which he’s been getting himself lately), and water absorbed in a Lego story. Rocky is drawing on his little notepad. Bugs is laying on the couch watching TWIT. And the empty space is where I was (before hopping to take the picture), taking an online Montessori homeschool training offered by Marnie Craycroft.

I was listening to the lecture and suddenly realized that we had all naturally come together while each pursuing our own interests, and all of our brains were working on something learning related. It was a cool sort of individual-together learning environment. This is not unusual, but neither is it routine. It’s something that naturally happens now and then when we’re all coordinated in space and pursuit. 🙂

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