We are a family of five living on the Mississippi River in Iowa. I am the wife of a handsome and wonderful husband and mother to three adorable and wonderful children. I work as a dog trainer, and Daddy works as an iPhone developer.

Together, we home school our three boys, who will go by pseudonyms for this blog.

Bugs is a passionate, energetic 8 year old who loves playing Legos, Minecraft, robotics, and doing anything active.


Ninja is our imaginative 5 year old who loves swings, ninjas (obviously), Legos, and stories.


Rocky is our busy 3 year old, demanding to keep up with his brothers but also unafraid to pave his own way.


Also part of the family are two dogs, two cats, and three frogs, making ours a full house!

We homeschool using a combination of an unschooling approach and a Montessori style. We go on plenty of field trips and nature walks, have occasional workbook time, read lots of books, and of course play the educational games filling their iPads. While the boys are young we are focusing on developing in them a rich imagination and creativity, as well as a strong moral compass.

We invite you to share in our journey and we uncover the gems life has to offer and cultivate a love of learning in our family!




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